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Yo! Welcome to Allen's
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As 'Rocky Balboa' hits theaters, there's never been a better time
for me to put my countless hours spent watching these flims to
good use and offer my fellow fans this fun, unique read on all the reasons I find each movie so fascinating and enduring. And for those who aren't so familiar with the films (what's wrong with you?) maybe this site will be the blow to the brain that inspires you to give the series a closer look. Enjoy!
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Rocky Balboa, a hard-luck club fighter from the streets of Philadelphia, gets the opportunity of a lifetime when World Champion Apollo Creed chooses him to fill the role of unknown underdog in a major title bout. With newfound love Adrian and the guidance of hard-nosed manager Mick in his corner, the 'Italian Stallion' is determined to give it his all, not to win, but to go the distance with the champ, proving to the world and himself that he's much more than just a 'bum.'
What I love about it: The inspirational message that great things can be acheived by those that strive for them, no matter how many bad breaks life may deal you; Cuff; Link; The idea that sometimes winning is not necessary to be a winner; The parallel between Rocky's journey and Stallone's own out-of-nowhere Oscar-winning success with his creation; Frank Stallone and 'Take You Back'; Mickey's rigid demeanor, and the holes we see in it in the apartment scene with Rocky; Apollo crossing the Delaware; Paulie and his, uh, unique love for his sister; Fights that sound like monster movies; Rocky's method of calling Paulie; The timeless training images that will forever be a part of pop-culture: Running up the museum steps, drinking the eggs, punching the meat; Rocky's first TV interview; The moments that make Rocky's tough exterior invisible: The thumb he doesn't break as Gazzo's collector, his talk with little Marie... hmm, I wonder how she turned out?
My favorite quotes:
* "You're gonna eat lightin' and you're gonna crap thunder!"
-- Mick
* "Cut me Mick." - Rocky
* "I run a business here, not a g****** soup kitchen." - Mick
* "He doesn't know it's a d*** show, he thinks it's a d*** fight!" - Duke
* "Be a thinker, not a stinker." - Apollo

* "Hey, it's the bum from the dock. Get a job you bum." - Rocky
* "I ain't never talked to no door before." - Rocky
* "I got heart but I ain't got no locker, do I Mick?" - Rocky
* "Apollo Creed meets the I-talian Stallion. Sounds like a d*** monster movie." - Apollo
* "I trained you to be a fighter, not a billboard." - Mick
* "He looks like a big flag." - Rocky
The card:
*Champion Apollo Creed defeats Rocky Balboa via 15-round split decision to retain the title
More information:
*'Rocky' at IMDB
*'Rocky' at Wikipedia
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Going the distance comes with a price as an injury has Rocky hanging up his gloves to start a normal family life. Meanwhile, Apollo grows tired of the criticism and is eager to prove the last fight was a fluke. The champ launches a humiliation campaign aimed at forcing Rocky back into the ring. Against Adrian's wishes, it works. Personal turmoil derails Rocky's fighting spirit, but it only takes one word from the love of his life to place him back on track, with more drive than before: 'Win.'
What I love about it: Rematches! Buying jewelry at pet stores; That Apollo gave Rocky his best; Rocky's devotion to Adrian above all else during her time of need, and Mick's devotion to Rocky; Apollo's fan mail; Rocky's well-thought-out plans for his rematch paycheck; the anger I feel towards that jerk 'Beast Aftershave' commercial director every time I see him; Referee Lou Fillipo; Roberto Duran as a sparring partner; Mick's reaction to Apollo calling out Rocky on TV; That one kid who tries his best to keep up after Rocky puts his run through Philly into overdrive; Despite running late, Rocky makes time for a last-second blessing; That Rocky catches the chicken; The fight's incredible finish, and Rocky's speech afterward.
My favorite quotes:
* "What's can't? There ain't no can'ts." - Mick
* "... And that frog, what's his name? Kermit or something." - Rocky
* "You're a fake. The fight was a fake. Go kill yourself." - Apollo's hate mail
* "Derogatory? Yeah, he's great." - Rocky
* "I don't sweat you." - Paulie
* "Did you bark at anybody today?" - Rocky
* "Yo Adrian! I did it!" - Rocky
* "What're we waitin' for?!" - Mick
* "Southpaw jinx, nothin." - Apollo
* "I feel like a Kentucky Fried Idiot." - Rocky
* "Win." - Adrian
The card:
*Challenger Rocky Balboa defeats Champion Apollo Creed via 15th-round KO to win the title.
More information:
*'Rocky II' at IMDB
*'Rocky II' at Wikipedia
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Rocky's defeat of the champ catapults him into a new world of fame and fortune, at the price of his hunger. That, coupled with the death of longtime manager Mickey leaves Rocky vulnerable; and tough guy Clubber Lang takes full advantage, beating Rocky and taking the title. The loss puts Rocky in a downward spiral, only to be saved by the support of his family and the tutelage of an old rival. When the rematch arrives, Clubber is unexpectedly faced with a reborn Rocky.
What I love about it: The Eye of the Tiger, as in both Apollo's symbolism for a fighter's edge and the rockin' Survivor tune i've been playing in a continuous loop while working on this webpage; Thunderlips and all his love slaves out there; Clubber's bad attitude; Wondering what that fool who jumps out in front of Clubber was thinking; That Rocky and family are reaping the rewards of his arduous road to the top; Having Stallone, Mr. T and Hulk Hogan in the same motion picture; Rocky's reading of 'The Three Bears'; That ring announcer with the funky mustache, and the fact that he actually painted the awesome picture used in the closing credits; The statue; Rocky wearing Apollo's USA trunks; The rematch trash talk; All the cool 'Rocky' merchandise sold at his training session; Apollo's 'favor' and how we're left to eternally ponder who came out of it the victor.
My favorite quotes:
* Every word Clubber Lang says! (Especially the historic birth of "I pity the fool")
* "There is no tomorrow! There is no tomorrow!" - Apollo
* "Thunderlips is here. In the flesh, baby." - Thunderlips
* "Bob Hope would." - Rocky
* "You're all trash!" - Thunderlips
* "This guy will kill ya to death inside of three rounds." - Mick
* "Y'know Stallion, It's too bad we gotta get old." - Apollo
* "Lights out, meatball!" - Thunderlips
* "You ain't so bad. You ain't so bad." - Rocky
* "Eye of the Tiger, man. Eye of the Tiger." - Apollo
* "You fight great, but I'm a great fighter." - Apollo
The card:
* World boxing champion Rocky Balboa and wrestling champion Thunderlips fight to a draw.
* Challenger Clubber Lang defeats champ Rocky Balboa via 2nd-round KO to win the title.
* Challenger Rocky Balboa defeats champ Clubber Lang via 3rd-round KO to regain title.
More information:
*'Rocky III' at IMDB
*'Rocky III' at Wikipedia
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News of a Russian invasion prompts Apollo to return to the ring in grand fashion for an exhibition bout with Soviet champion Ivan Drago. The spectacle quickly turns deadly serious when a devastaing blow from Drago sends a lifeless Creed crashing to the canvas, for the final time. Rocky, despite the grave risk, vows to avenge his friend's death against the semmingly indestructable Drago. Moscow is the stage for what proves to be the toughest-ever test of Rocky's heart and determination.
What I love about it: It's the first 'Rocky' film I saw, thus the one that forever pulled me into the saga; The soundtrack; Bearded Rocky, his primitive training methods, and the inspiring training montage in the mountains of Russia; James Brown and the single greatest ring entrance the world has ever seen, real or fictional; Wondering how life would have been different if Rocky had thrown in the towel; The Commies can't even beat us in Chess; That I survived my mind nearly being blown when I learned Stallone and Drago's wife were actually married in real life; That Adrian doesn't tell the truth for once; Paulie's robot; Is it really just a coincidence that the Soviet Union collapsed and the Cold War ended in the years after Rocky's irrepressible, All-American will won the hearts of thousands of once-hate-filled Russians? I don't think so.
My favorite quotes:
* "I've retired more men than Social Security." - Apollo
* "Checkmate, friend." - Duke
* "Hit the one in the middle." - Paulie
* "If he dies, he dies." - Drago
* "Whatever he hits, he destroys." - Russian dude
* "You're all heart, Rock." - Paulie
* "Yo, you think you've got enough names?" - Rocky
* "I must break you." - Drago
* "Without some d*** war to fight the warrior may as well be dead." - Apollo
* "...I guess I didn't like you much none, neither." - Rocky
* "DRAGOOOOOOO!!!!!" - Rocky
The card:
* Soviet champion Ivan Drago defeats Apollo Creed via 2nd-round death in an 'exhibition' bout.
* Rocky Balboa defeats Ivan Drago via 15th-round KO in an unsanctioned bout.
More information:
*'Rocky IV' at IMDB
*'Rocky IV' at Wikipedia
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Brain damage from years of fighting forces Rocky out of the ring while a financial blunder forces the family from the lap of luxury back to the Philly streets. Rocky finds renewed life in boxing after taking talented up-and-comer Tommy Gunn under his wing; that is until a deceitful promoter and promises of money and glory come between Rocky and his protege. When the tension comes to a head, Rocky is forced into one more fight -- not in the ring, but on the very streets he calls home.
What I love about it: The poetic justice of Rocky coming full-circle, returning to his more-natural roots, despite the circumstances that lead him back there; Lettin' it go in Tokyo; Rocky's emotional flashback at Mighty Mick's; That Rocky didn't hear no bell; Adrian's steadfast denial of George Washington Duke's self-serving offers; Home team; Paulie Claus; The story of Tommy's first KO; That little coat-stealing punk got what was coming to him; Robert's French teacher; Rocky's hat still fits; The name 'Union Cane'; That Rocky refuses to see the bad in post-sellout Tommy as long as he possibly can; The journey the still photos in the closing credits takes you on; That good delivers a haymaker to the gut of evil in the end.
My favorite quotes:
* "Hey, you knocked him down, why don't you try knockin' me down now?" - Rocky
* "Yo Tommy, I didn't hear no bell." - Rocky
* "Only in America." - G.W. Duke
* "No guys, ain't no pie-eatin' contest." - Rocky
* "I'm better than Balboa ever was" - Union Cane, yes Union Cane said that
* "My ring's outside." - Rocky
* "C'mon punk, touch me and i'll sue." - G.W. Duke
* "Sue me for what?" - Rocky
* "Hey, it's the fittist of the survival." - Paulie
* "Time to put some hustle behind this muscle" - G.W. Duke
The card:
* Challenger Tommy Gunn defeats champ Union Cane via 1st-round KO to win the title.
* Rocky Balboa defeats Tommy Gunn in an unofficial no-holds-barred street fight!
More information:
*'Rocky V' at IMDB
*'Rocky V' at Wikipedia
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Years removed from active competition, Rocky has settled into a normal life back in the old neighborhood. It's also a life full of grief without his beloved Adrian. A computer simulation that shows Rocky defeating current champ Mason Dixon rekindles the legend's fire and at the same time has Dixon's promoters seeing dollar signs. Rocky finds it hard pass up one last match and the chance to prove to the world and himself that while the body may grow old, the heart of a champion never wavers.
What I love about it: For the sake of those who haven't seen it yet (To paraphrase Mick in Rocky II: 'What're you waitin' for?) I won't go into too much detail about all the things I loved in the film. But I must say it was such a thrill to see this beloved icon, whom we all assumed the final bell had tolled on years ago, return to the big screen. I never got to see any of the previous films at the theater (wasn't even born for the first two) so opening night with my brother (a fellow Rocky fan) carried a little extra excitement. The feeling in the theater among the other anxious movie-goers was truly electric, a 'big fight atmosphere,' like i've never felt for a film before, and the night certainly did not disappoint. For the story us fans have relived on our TV screens over and over to come to such a fitting end is a triumph for both Rocky and us.
I will assume the hardocre fans like myself have already seen the movie multiple times (I've got two under my belt as I type this) So for the casual fans, or the folks who have yet to be introduced to the fantastic saga, I must encourage, no demand, you to see this film! The movie ran me through the full course of emotions, from bringing a little mist to my eye during the Adrian flashbacks, to the verge of cheering out loud during the fight. But, much like the first movie, the main feeling you're left with is one of inspiration. This story isn't so much about boxing as it is about one man's battles inside. It's about having the courage not to care how the rest of the world sees you, as long as you're happy with what you see. Rocky's talk with son Robert sums up not only this film, but the entire 6-part journey perfectly: 'It's not how hard you hit, it's how hard you can get hit and keep going forward." It's that attitude that gives you such a sense of pride over the course of each film and instills hope that you too, no matter what walk of life you come from, harbor the tools to swing back at a world that never stops hitting.
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A left from the southpaw Just like old times
A familiar journey Build some hurtin' bombs
Going out his way Wise words from an old foe
Fighters fight A night at Adrian's
Home team The heat of battle
Comfort from an old face The Stallion returns
Ain't over 'til it's over The pinnacle
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Thanks to Sylvester Stallone and all those responsible for bringing these unforgettable characters and their stories to life. It's three decades of action, entertainment and inspiration that are truly timeless. And while the latest film is the perfect finale to Rocky's tale, if Sly ever gets the itch to bring Rocky to the big screen for a seventh time, I know exactly where I will be on opening night!
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